This page is to capture any ideas on that could allow for the invigoration of Nordix.

We want to increase participation and awareness of opensource software via the Nordix Foundation and we need ideas on now to do that.

Possible Heading (feel free to add/delete/modify):

Academic cooperation:

Industry cooperation (Telecoms/Infra and beyond):

We need to move beyond telecoms.

Move to infrastructure in a more general sense:

     allow for areas within this of AI/ML/ green issues.


rather than concentrate on new domains such as transport or IOT/security specifically

Community building:

Research Activities:

Anything else:

What are the benifits of Nordix?

Tailored CI/CD: how do we expand on this

Telecoms knowledge : Do we underestimate the value of this.

Hosting European funded projects: how to avoid been in direct competition with LF.

GAIA-X: how to be involved - contact Ericsson representative.

         Survey to members

         do a deep dive into

Members benefits: Newsletters & meetups

 Regional collaboration: Nordix can act as a neutral party to bring groups together.

Is encouraging Collaboration a worthy objective:

      Very hard to build community without having a focus (Project)


University engagement:

       Pan-european aspects is a strong advantage


       Thesis projects

       Need to have a definite offer of what we could provide for them.

                 could we be the space that allows various collages to come together.

                 need to be involved in funding proposals.

        Could Nordix be a funding source 

        having a place to have joint testing/development environments for industry/academic collaborations and this could be a source of funding as well.

            need to have defined security for this this can be a selling point as well


How to engage with SME's

How do we cooperate with OpenInfra

Do we have any competitors:

      not really

Need to present at European Events: 

          but need to have a plan on what we are offering 

European Funding

Could we pick up some of the projects that didn't get picked up by LF 

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