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Welcome to the developer area for the Nordix Foundation.

We're just getting started here, if you don't find what you're looking for feel free to ask on for a pointer or guidance to your area of interest.

Nordix is an open source community focused on collaboration and contribution to open source communities from the Nordix region.  We run a community lab to provide a place for open source developers to be able to create and work on open source projects and technologies.  Our community is intended to work on a variety of types of projects;

  • Create a project to collaborate and contribute to other open source communities
  • Create a project to develop some new software with others
  • Work on a deployment and testing project for an open source project
  • Contribute to training and material to spread knowledge and understanding of open source

Where can I go to find more?

 Get in touch:

Although we do our best to get together, we work mostly via e-mail and IRC.  The best way to get started might just be to send an e-mail to and introduce yourself. You can always check out the current topics by subscribing to the mailing lists or on IRC, by joining #nordix at freenode.

Getting Started:

If you want to jump into some coding and CI work or just have a look at what we're building, head over to the getting started page to understand what we have in place and to propose new tools or activities we can support.

 Contribution, Licences and copyright:

There are some basic rules that you should follow when collaborating on open source software, head over to our licences and copyright page for a brief overview of the topic.  This is not an exhaustive description or guideline, but it may help you understand the topic a little better.

Image AddedGeneral Information:

General information on setting up hosts, configuration of Linux antivirus and other useful information.