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  • Is elected by the Technical Committee to serve a term of one year
  • Nominees shall be members of the technical committee, voting period and process is decided by the TC
  • The role of Chairperson may be delegated to another TC member when the chair is unable to perform the duties of chairperson
  • Provides a coordination point and oversight of the work preformed by the TC
  • Arranges and chairs the TC Meetings on a regular basis
    • Set date and times in agreement with the TC members
    • Coordinates and drives the agenda
  • Represent the technical community toward the Nordix board
    • Communicate TC Decisions to the Nordix board
    • Raises issues in need for Board decisions or support to the Nordix Board
    • Communicates Nordix Board decisions and priorities to the TC
  • TC Chairperson may also act as an advocate and technical spokesperson for the Nordix community


TC members can vote positively, negatively, or abstain on any motion. Decisions require more positive votes than negative votes (ties mean the motion is rejected), and a minimum of positive votes of at least one third of the total number of TC members.

Election for TC seats

TC membership shall be self nominated 

Candidates for TC seats

Any Nordix Foundation individual member can propose their candidacy for an available, directly-elected TC seat. The TC can propose to change the candidate rules via motions.

Election for TC seats

The TC elections occur toward the end of each annual TC term.  The TC is elected from nominees for the TC, the current TC chair oversee the process of TC elections.

  • TC membership nominations begin during the nomination period, the month of November.
  • TC elections occur following a Condorcet model across all nominees during the first week starting in December.  All Nordix Foundation individual members are able to vote.
  • Once the TC members have been elected the members will open nominations for the TC chairperson role, the nomination period will be the week following the TC elections.
  • Voting for the TC chairpersons seat will follow the Condorcet model across all nominees.  All TC members are able to vote.
  • Once the TC chairperson has been elected the TC is ready to form.  The TC, and chairperson, term begins on the 1st of January the following year.

Termination of TC seat

A TC member may stand down during their term, this decision should be communicated on the mailing list

A Motion may be put forward to the TC to remove a member. Such a motion must be passed by two-thirds of the (total -1) number of TC members. Possible reasons for remove is consistent unexplained non attendance/no contribution or significant failure to meet with the ideals of the Nordix foundation.



Amendments to this Technical Committee charter shall be proposed in a special motion, which needs to be approved by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the total number of TC members .