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Welcome to Nordix Foundation Technical Committee.

"The Technical Committee will form as a team of Nordic based open source and technology leaders, who will be responsible for building the Nordix Foundation community infrastructure and establishing the guidelines and activities for community contribution. As the Nordix Foundation matures, the Technical Committee will: coordinate community activity, review and oversee new projects as they are proposed in the foundation, and maintain guidelines and methodology for contribution and collaboration."

Charter for TC to be found here

TC Meetings and Minutes can be found here.

The Nordix TC Chairperson,

  • Is elected by the Technical Committee to serve a term of one year
    • Nominees shall be members of the technical committee, voting period and process is decided by the TC
  • May delegate the role to another TC member when unable to perform the duties of chairperson
  • Provides oversight on the work of the TC team
  • Arranges and chairs the TC Meetings on a regular basis
    • Set date and times in agreement with the TC members
    • Coordinates and drives the agenda
  • Represent the technical community toward the Nordix board
    • Communicate TC Decisions to the Nordix board
    • Raises issues in need for Board decisions or support to the Nordix Board
    • Communicates Nordix Board decisions and priorities to the TC
  • TC Chairperson may also act as an advocate and technical spokesperson for the Nordix community

Appointed Technical Committee members:

  • Daniel Lundqvist, PacketFront
  • Andrew Fenner, Ericsson Software Technology, Nordix TC Chairperson
  • Philip Dale, City Network
  • Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson Software Technology
  • Daniel Byström, CEO Nordix
  • Gauvain Pocentek, Objectif-Libre
  • Jan-Erik Mångs, Ericsson AB
  • Thomas Åsberg, Ericsson AB, Nordix TC Vice chair
  • Emiliano Casalicchio, BTH 
  • Martin Tyrefors Branden, OP5

Link to Nordix Foundation Intro slides Nordix overview 2018-11-06.pptx