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  • Proposed name for the project: O-RAN SC (oransc)

Project description:



    • Standard Apache 2 license for Open Source
    • Various upstream components expect to be leveraged.
    • All of the software that we run is open source, and its configuration is public


  • Describe the are that project is addressing (for instance cloud infrastructure)
    • "... to support the creation of software for the Radio Access Network (RAN)"
  • Describe the planned areas of focus and development (for instance keystone federation for distributed clouds)
    • Initial focus will be the creation of an "ORAN Non-RealTime RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller)"
  • Specify any upstream sources or projects the team will be working with (for instance OpenStack/keystone)
    • There will be substantial overlap with the ONAP project
  • Specify and local testing and integration needs (outline intent here, infra needs are listed later)
    • newly developed components will require Jobs to initiate a full build/test
    • integration tests may be required between component in the oransc repositories
    • integration tests will be required to confirm interoperability with some ONAP components (e.g. SDN-C / CCSDK, DCAE, DMAAP, PolicyFramework, A&AI, SDC, Clamp, etc)
  • Describe how the project is extensible in the future or how others might participate
    • It is possible that contributors may become involved in other projects besides the NONRTRIC project, but initially development will focus on the NONRTRIC project.

Infrastructure needs:

  • Specify your infrastructure needs for the project.
    • Similar to the ONAP project, we request forks created from existing O-RAN SC projects ( into the Nordix namespace, and the requisite job/workflows to mirror those repos and upstream contributions.
    • There may be a request for 


  • Parts of the project will overlap significantly with ONAP, with likely up-streaming of changes to the relevant ONAP components. Fro example, initial plans will require updates to the SDN-C/CCSDK codebases.

Project members and contributors:

  • Names of the committers/maintainers
    • John Keeney ( John Keeney 
    • ... more to follow
  • Names of any other members/contributors