Edge Cloud project

This project's aim is to develop a cutting edge distributed cloud technology and use cases for highly distributed and edge deployments and contribute towards open source projects like OpenStack and Kubernetes.


Open Source Inspired Reuse (OSIR)

The OSIR project aims to fill these gaps by proposing a framework (OSIR framework) for practising reuse of assets. The intention is to optimize the benefits at the organization level and to align it with the CI and CD practices to further improve the flow. Furthermore, the project aims to build on the way-of-working in the open source community to facilitate and speed up the uptake of systematic company internal reuse.

Student Projects

OpenStack Policies

The goal of the project is to design and produce a plugin for OpenStack's dashboard Horizon in which OpenStack users can access and manage project with policies.

Kubernetes Cluster Performance Evaluation

The goal of the project is to evaluate the performance of the multi region single Kubernetes cluster against the performance of a single Kubernetes cluster in a single region.


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