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Nordix Foundation runs collaboration and development activity through projects.  A project can be an activity to contribute code to Nordix or an upstream project such as OpenStack or Kubernetes.  A project might also be an activity to develop training and tooling for working with technology.  Projects are our way of brining people together and helping make sure we provide the right tools and infrastructure for you to get things done.

The technical committee oversees the projects that are ongoing in Nordix.  To have a project started you should use the template to propose a new project.  All pending project proposals can be found on the project proposals page.

To see the projects that are ongoing Nordix you can look into the approved projects page.  If you are thinking of doing some work in Nordix often the best way is to join an existing project that will likely have all the infrastructure and tooling in place that you need (plus a few like minded people who can probably help you along the way).

Many of these projects are hosted by other foundations e.g Linux Foundation / Apache / Openstack and the work in Nordix is pushing to those upstream projects while allowing for collaborative experimentation and development with in a Nordix space. Where there is external upstream project it is indicated below.

Approved Projects

O-RAN SC Project     External -

Infrastructure Project

ONAP Project      External -

Geode Project     External -

OpenDev Project   External -

Acumos Project    External -

Airship Project   External -

Opendaylight Project    External

Enux Project

OpenNFVI Project

Proposed Projects

Open Source Inspired Reuse (OSIR) 

OpenStack Policies

Performance evaluation of a single Kubernetes cluster across multiple cloud regions.

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