Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: O-RAN SC (oransc)

Project description:


The O-RAN Software Community (SC) is a collaboration between the O-RAN Alliance and Linux Foundation with the mission to support the creation of software for the Radio Access Network (RAN). The RAN is the next challenge for the open source community. The O-RAN SC plans to leverage other LF network projects, while addressing the challenges in performance, scale, and 3GPP alignment.

The telecom industry is experiencing a profound transformation and 5G is expected to radically change how we live, work, and play. This means it's critical to make network infrastructure commercially available as quickly as possible to ensure business success for operators. It's time to turn to open source, as it is one of the most efficient ways to accelerate product development in a collaborative and cost-efficient way.

The O-RAN Software Community is focused on aligning with the O-RAN Alliance's open architecture and specifications to achieve a solution that can be utilized for industry deployment. As a new open source community under the Linux Foundation, the O-RAN SC is sponsored by the O-RAN Alliance, and will enable the development of open source software enabling modular, open, intelligent, efficient, and agile disaggregated radio access networks.

Presentation by Hank Kafka O-RAN SC,


Manage all software development, code storage, tooling and developer integration testing aligned with the architecture specified by O-RAN Alliance

Project Scope:

    • Software development including documentation
    • testing and integration of the open source software project
    • Coordinate efforts with related open source software projects and standards communities
    • Aligned with O-RAN architecture


    • Standard Apache 2 license for Open Source
    • Various upstream components expect to be leveraged.
    • All of the software that we run is open source, and its configuration is public


  • Describe the are that project is addressing (for instance cloud infrastructure)
    • "... to support the creation of software for the Radio Access Network (RAN)"
  • Describe the planned areas of focus and development (for instance keystone federation for distributed clouds)
    • Initial focus will be the creation of an "ORAN Non-RealTime RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller)"
  • Specify any upstream sources or projects the team will be working with (for instance OpenStack/keystone)
    • There will be substantial overlap with the ONAP project
  • Specify and local testing and integration needs (outline intent here, infra needs are listed later)
    • newly developed components will require Jobs to initiate a full build/test
    • integration tests may be required between component in the oransc repositories
    • integration tests will be required to confirm interoperability with some ONAP components (e.g. SDN-C / CCSDK, DCAE, DMAAP, PolicyFramework, A&AI, SDC, Clamp, etc)
  • Describe how the project is extensible in the future or how others might participate
    • It is possible that contributors may become involved in other projects besides the NONRTRIC project, but initially development will focus on the NONRTRIC project.

Infrastructure needs:

  • Specify your infrastructure needs for the project.
    • Similar to the ONAP project, we request forks created from existing O-RAN SC projects ( into the Nordix namespace, and the requisite job/workflows to mirror those repos and upstream contributions.
    • There may be a request for 


  • Parts of the project will overlap significantly with ONAP, with likely up-streaming of changes to the relevant ONAP components. Fro example, initial plans will require updates to the SDN-C/CCSDK codebases.

Project members and contributors:

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