+Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: Nordix Open Labs

Project description:

Nordix Open Labs, [nolabs], project aims to develop, maintain, and provide a sandbox environment for operators, developers and enthusiasts to work with the latest technologies at the press of a button.

Nordix Open Labs supports a number of technology deployments, currently focused on Kubernetes, and soon OpenStack, software stacks there can be used as a foundation for any combination of technology that the community might be interested in working with.


The Nordix Open Labs Project encompasses all of the services and systems that are used for deploying, managing, provisioning, and cleaning up of the software stacks supported by the project.

Apart from providing services and tools,

  • Describe the are that project is addressing (for instance cloud infrastructure)
  • Describe the planned areas of focus and development (for instance keystone federation for distributed clouds)
  • Specify any upstream sources or projects the team will be working with (for instance OpenStack/keystone)
  • Specify and local testing and integration needs (outline intent here, infra needs are listed later)
  • Describe how the project is extensible in the future or how others might participate

All of the software that we run is open source, and its configuration is public.

Infrastructure needs:

Nordix Open Labs project requires

  • Project(s) on Nordix Gerrit to host the source code and develop it further
  • Jobs on Nordix Jenkins to create and manage bookings
  • Public cloud tenant to bring up the stacks
  • Maillist for communication purposes

Non-Infrastructure Needs:

Nordix Open Labs project requires

  • Full-time support staff on rotation


Project members and contributors:

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