Project Name:

  • Project Name: Metal3

Project description:

  • Provide high level description of intended project 


  • Describe the are that project is addressing (for instance cloud infrastructure)
  • Describe the planned areas of focus and development (for instance keystone federation for distributed clouds)
  • Specify any upstream sources or projects the team will be working with (for instance OpenStack/keystone)
  • Specify and local testing and integration needs (outline intent here, infra needs are listed later)
  • Describe how the project is extensible in the future or how others might participate

Infrastructure needs:

  • Specify your infrastructure needs for the project.

This section should cover the source repository needs (GitHub or Gerrit workflows), if you have specific hardware or cloud needs (keystone federation requires multiple running OpenStack instances) and if you require integration with any external systems (for instance "I want to use openlab resources for deployment and testing").  This section should give a good indication to the TC and the infra team on how to get your environment in place.  You may be starting a new project in an existing area and would simply state you would use the existing infra set-up for that project, or require some extra "xyz".


  • Identify similar projects is underway or being proposed in Nordix or upstream projects
  • Identify any specific development be staged with respect to the upstream project and releases.

Project members and contributors:

  • Names of the committers/maintainers
  • Names of any other members/contributors
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