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The Infrastructure Project provides automation, CI/CD, tooling and infrastructure support for projects taking part in Nordix to achieve E2E automation in order to make sure all repeating/day to day activities are run in automated fashion, the services community relies on is up and running at all times, software development principles and best practices are shared with the wider Nordix Community.


The Nordix Infrastructure Project encompasses all of the services and systems that are used in the day to day operation of the Nordix Community as a whole.
This includes development, testing, and collaboration tools.

Apart from providing services and tools, the project provides support and guidance to Nordix Community with regards to software development, automation, and CI/CD.

The scope of Infrastructure Project includes

  • collecting requirements from all Nordix projects regarding development environment, tooling, automation, and CI/CD
  • analyzing and realizing requirements put by Nordix Community
  • evaluating, setting up, and maintaining the tools and services that are needed by the community
  • developing and maintaining scripts, CI/CD jobs and delivery pipelines
  • ensuring security best practices are applied
  • setting up, maintaining and handling day to day operations of the tenants on public clouds and the baremetal labs
  • guiding Nordix Community with contributions, branching, and automation tasks
  • providing regular updates to Nordix Technical Committee and the Nordix Community at large
  • providing documentation

The details of services provided to Nordix Community by Infrastructure Project can be seen from this link.


The Infrastructure Project holds regular/weekly meetings that are open to everyone.

Please see the details regarding the meeting such as logistics, agenda and minutes for past meetings on Nordix Infra Meeting.

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