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Date:    March 27th

Venue:  Hotel Birger Jarl, Birger Jarlsgatan 61A

Virtual participation

Nordix F2F 2019-03-27[2].pptx

Welcome to mingle from 14:30


TC objectives 

  • 15 min intro (round the table) 
  • Nordix overview and mission (Chris)
    • Ecosystem update
  • Status of the community (projects, infrastructure, active developers etc) (Sofia, Fatih, Chris,) (TC)
    • Data lakes using presentation
    • Block chain for forensic logging
    • Edge cloud project presentation
    • Network automation project presentation
    • New projects and areas under development
  • Community practices (Thomas Driver, Sofia participant, ...) 
    • The role of the TC in Nordix
    • Describe the needs for projects to expose and communicate their work
    • How to get involved, how to request help
  • EU/University Ideas for the future (Liam, Chris, Thomas, Lars-Erik, Daniel??)
  • Events and Media (Sofia driver, Chris, Daniel...)
    • Key messaging for Nordix in 2019
    • Media and communication
    • Events and planning


  • workgroups for key topics
  • Target for each WG (2019)

End 17.30

Dinner 18:30

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