Welcome to the home page for Nordix meetings and events. 

We use Zoom and IRC to facilitate our meetings. 

IRC channel: #nordix @Freenode


Community Meetings 

Nordix TC MeetingBi-weekly Technical Committee meeting
Nordix Infra Meeting

Community Events


Members MeetupFebruary 6th

Nordix Foundation welcomes members and other interested to get the latest and greatest from the community. Demos, presentations and mingle.

Planning page


OpenStack NordicOctober 9-10
OpenStack Forum October 24th
F2F workshop - Board and Technical committeeMarch 27thVirtual participation https://zoom.us/j/3590988477
Hack for SwedenApril 4th-6th

The foundation is looking for volunteers to attend the Hack for Sweden on Nordix behalf

Planning page

Open Infra days NordicOctober 2-3Nordix will have a booth in the southwest community corner. Ideas and demos are welcome. Planning page


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