The are multiple applications running in the Nordix infrastructure the following applications requires an explicit open source license to be operational.



ssh  $USER@
sudo su - centos
ssh wiki

On the server file "/data/atlassian/confluence.cfg.xml" contains license information as xml property tag with attribute "name='atlassian.license.message'".

After obtaining a new OSS license it can be replaced the respective file. For the application to read the new license the running container needed to be restarted

docker restart CONTAINER_ID # replace CONTAINER_ID with the currently running version "docker ps"



Jira application license can be easily updated from within the running application.

Go to Administration  > Applications

Select Versions & licenses to view license details for your installed Jira applications.

Locate the license you want to update, and select the Edit icon to edit the license.

Replace the existing license key with your new license key.

Select the Update license button to update the Jira application with the new license.

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