Nordix Community provides various services and resources to Nordix community members for open and collaborative development purposes.

The services and resources are donated or paid by various organizations and located in Nordix member community labs or public clouds.

The access to these resources are granted to all the community members, expecting the members of the community use the resources for the purposes they are provided.

Please continue reading the rest of the page to learn more about Acceptable Usage Policy, available services/resources, what type of access can be provided for them and how the requests shall be made.

Acceptable Usage Policy


Access Types

Project admin


Access Requests

it is important to place access requests using discuss maillist so they can be acted upon fast by infra team members and coordination between the infra team can be achieved in order to prevent multiple people doing adminstrative tasks at the same time and causing issues for each otherr or even worse for the infrastructure. (import of the same repo to gerrit in parallel by multiple people)

Nordix Tenant Access:

  • TBD

Nordix Core Services Jumphost Access:

  • TBD

EST Tenant Access:

  • TBD

ONAP Jumphost Access:

  • TBD
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