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The following describes the current infrastructure setup and the steps to upgrade the Nordix Wiki (Atlassian Confluence)

Wiki App Setup

The Nordix wiki (Atlassian confluence) has been configured to run as a docker container on top of Ubuntu operating system

Wiki DB Setup

The PostgreSQL 10 database has been installed and configured as the back end for the Nordix wiki

Wiki Data Path

The /data is the filesystem where Nordix wiki's application & database files are hosted

Wiki Data Volume

The persistent mount point /data/atlassian has been mounted as a volume on /var/atlassian/application-data/confluence inside wiki docker container

Wiki Configuration File

/data/atlassian/confluence.cfg.xml is the configuration file where DB parameters have been configured for Nordix wiki

Wiki SSL Certificate

The nginx reverse proxy has been configured with letsencrypt certificate to enable SSL based Nordix wiki access on port 443

Wiki Apps

The following is the list of user installed wiki applications,

  • Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools
  • Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager Plugin
  • Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant
  • Confluence Plugin
  • OAuth/OpenID Connect (OIDC) for Confluence SSO
  • Polls for Confluence
  • SAML for Atlassian Data Center
  • Team Calendars

Currently the Nordix Jira is the only application link has been configured in Nordix Wiki

Last Wiki Upgrade

Confluence was successfully upgraded to version 7.4.3 on Aug 21, 2020 at 8:11 PM.

Wiki Upgrade Plan

The plan your upgrade option in the Wiki settings will check and recommend the latest available Confluence versions for upgrade. It always better to go with longterm supported enterprise server version.

Wiki UI Home -> General Configuration -> Upgrade -> Plan your Upgrade

Wiki Upgrade to 7.4.7

The Nordix wiki is currently running with Confluence 7.4.3 version. As recommended by the Atlassian upgrade plan, Confluence 7.4.7 is the latest long term supported version 

  1. Login to the Nordix Wiki server
  2. Check and Pull down the Confluence 7.4.7 image

    wget -q -O - | jq -r '.[].name'| grep 7.4.7
    docker pull atlassian/confluence-server:7.4.7-jdk11
  3. Update all user installed applications (plugins)

  4. Run user-installed apps compatible check against the target wiki version 7.4.7

    Wiki UI Home -> General Configuration -> ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE -> Manage apps -> Confluence update check -> Select the target version "7.4.7"  -> Check 

  5. Stop wiki container

    sudo docker stop confluence-7.4.3
    sudo docker ps -a
  6. Stop PostgreSQL DB service

    sudo systemctl stop postgresql.service
    sudo systemctl status postgresql.service
  7. Backup data, including database, installation directory, and home directory

    cd /data
    sudo tar -czvf wiki-data-bkp-<date>.tar.gz atlassian postgresql lost+found 
  8. Start PostgreSQL DB service

    sudo systemctl start postgresql.service
    sudo systemctl status postgresql.service
  9. Start wiki container with latest confluence version image

    sudo docker run -v /data/atlassian:/var/atlassian/application-data/confluence \
     -m 8g -e JVM_MAXIMUM_MEMORY=6144m -e \
     -e CATALINA_CONNECTOR_SCHEME=https -e CATALINA_CONNECTOR_SECURE=true --name="confluence-7.4.7" \
     -d -p 8090:8090 -p 8091:8091 --restart unless-stopped atlassian/confluence-server:7.4.7-jdk11
    sudo docker ps -a
    sudo docker logs -f confluence-7.4.7
  10. Once the wiki container started with latest confluence image 7.4.7-jdk11, please navigate to the wiki UI Nordix Wiki

    NOTE: It might take 4-6 minutes for the wiki application to come online to get accessible via UI. Please be patience!

  11. Once you get the Nordix Wiki login prompt, use your google authentication method to login to the Wiki

  12. Once logged in, you can view the last upgrade report

    Wiki UI Home -> General Configuration -> Upgrade -> Latest Upgrade Report

  13. That's it! The Nordix wiki has been running with latest long term supported version of Confluence