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Cloud and programmable infrastructure comprises one of the major areas of open source development and collaboration today.  

This development area can range from cloud infrastructure projects such as OpenStack and related projects, to cloud native application development projects such as kuberenetes and related projects, to distributed infrastructure automation solutions such as ONAP and related projects.  Beyond the well publicised projects one can find a host of associated, community, academic, corporate, innovative activities all leading toward an automated infrastructure and application ecosystem for development and deployment.

The Cloud and Programmable infrastructure project domain of Nordix intends to provide a local Nordix ecosystem for the investigation, development and augmentation of open source projects and initiatives in this area.  To get things rolling we make a few choices to get the basics in place; generic compute/storage/networking, OpenStack automated infrastructure, container based application/workload deployment. 

It's good to remember that these choices don't dictate an architecture for the work we do in Nordix.  In fact these choices should be questioned to find the best ways to solve common or unique challenges with open source technologies.

Such a diverse area can be further broken downing different areas.  We have selected three main topics to help organise and focus activities in this domain, while remembering that each area and activity can be interdependent to the others with a lot of overlap across communities and projects in this space.  Infrastructure, Application and Automation form our three major topic areas in Nordix and correlate to major activities in other foundations and projects:

Infrastructure layer

OpenStack is the premier infrastructure as a service project, this area has a large focus on cloud, edge and application enablement through the work of this foundation.  A large ecosystem exists beyond that foundation including projects such as rebar, kubespray, and a variety of others that can fit into this area.

Application layer

The application layer focuses on technologies that enable application development and deployment.  Cloud Native is a focus area in this domain where Kuberenetes and CNCF projects will be prevalent here.  This domain not only includes CaaS, but PaaS such as CloudFoundry, and IaaS application hosting.


Automation can be difficult to classify as it affects all aspects of software development and deployment.  In this section we focus on automation of operation, this can include leveraging the ONAP project for infrastructure automation or projects such as spinnaker for deployment automation.

We don't focus on CI/CD here specifically as that is an area of Nordix that fall under our Infrastructure area. 

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